White Man Dating Black Woman

WhiteManDatingBlackWoman.info =============================== Are you a white man dating black woman, or would like to date a black woman for that matter? While it may not seem as common as other interracial parings, such as white men and Asian women, the preference still definitely exists. Among white men who like to date black ladies, one of the primary concerns they have is “how do I attract them?” Without being to un-PC, “game” is typically different between black men and white men, and so the white guys may feel that they are at a disadvantage from the beginning. Fortunately for them, there are ways to entirely circumvent this! Black women (and all women, for that matter), can be divided into two main groups Those who are attracted to white guys, and those who aren’t. If you are interested in dating black women, you want to focus on the former group for one very important reason: you can spend all day trying to attract a women who isn’t attracted to you, and it won’t be successful. For this reason, you should primarily focus your attention on the black women who are attracted to white guys. Once you have established this game plan, the next step is to focus on being your awesome self. Too many guys try to be the guy that they think women want, which is a recipe for disaster for many reasons, including the fact that you will have to fake that “other” personality for the duration of your relationship, which is tons of work and isn’t much fun. Remember, when you meet a


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  1. kayNhearts says:

    3:23 that guy is hot

  2. CrismaFire says:

    Gloria you have a wonderful way with words I bet you are a beautiful woman if your words are an indication of your heart. I will pray for you. I wish you much success in your search for the man of your desires but remember he is getting a woman who will capativate his every hearts desire, be the woman you feel like you are, love yourself and like a flower draws bees, radiate your beauty so that men would climb mountains or swim raging rivers to seek your love. You are a daughter of Eve.

  3. pamdfos says:

    cute couple @3:23

  4. stymie662 says:

    @amilkar1964 Man, I feel that!!

  5. stymie662 says:

    They finally found a way to kill us off…

  6. DANTEG7414 says:

    lmao,you all act like dating a bw is really something special.
    Theres no difference,women are women period.

  7. twins2able says:

    @GreatHealthyLiving Becasue they show off wherever they can be seen in public places. Happens all the time. And will go out of the way to do so.

  8. amilkar1964 says:

    @twins2able If you don’t understand the system of racism, what it and how it works, everything that you do understand will only confuse you. If you are a Black woman as you claim, then you would understand. Then again, you may be ignorant to the facts of how the system works. Which is something that I can’t get mad at you about. You’re just not educated about how things work. Read the book “The Isis Papers” by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and get see if it doesn’t enlighten you a bit.

  9. twins2able says:

    @amilkar1964 Get involved in teaching not victimizing boys/black men, 2 take on the responsibility God gave them. Examples throughout the bible. Even the jewish men were inslaved in those days. Were they victims? God held Adam accountable for eating the forbidden fruit his wife gave him and Eve was quilty herself. Read Genesis. God gave every man,every women their duties on the earth,black,white,brown,yellow regardless of the state they found themselves in. No man, black,white etc. is perfect.

  10. twins2able says:

    @amilkar1964 What is so sad is u are a very emtpy person. How many BM do u apply this 2, as they date/ marry WW and have children. And is more common among BM/WW. I have 2 make it clear BM can date/marry whom they chose. That is their business. Surely u are not double standard. The bitter truth is, this is more about your ego and self hatred. Consentrate on BM taking care of their children and not leaving BW with the burden of parenthood. Both the WM and WW took part in this.You must forgive.

  11. amilkar1964 says:

    @twins2able I don’t believe in your God, because if your “God” was real, Black people would not be in the predicament we’re in as far as Black male/female relationships go. And, if you are a Black woman, why do you want to lie down with men who raped and killed your ancestors? Where’s your dignity? Where’s your pride? Get educated, “sister”, before you become entrenched deeper into the system of racism. The bitter truth is the white man/white people do not have your best interests at heart.

  12. oneshotcannon says:


    nice essay bro

  13. blackimpressions says:

    I don’t own any one, I own the black race because I am the black race. And stop with the black men with white women bull shit, is that your excuse, I take no sides I call it like it is with all you people and why do you go to a black church, my point is, I’m starting to see you people as non blacks, because, I see you guys as an insult, so you leave my race. That way, I don’t have to own you. Because your not black.

  14. twins2able says:

    @amilkar1964 I am not a white man. I am black women please do not insult me by thinking I’m a man. You really need to stop allowing the devil to live in your life. All this hate. I must say you sound like the KKK. God help us. As Jesus said on the cross, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” And in your case you are saying alot of un Godly things about other human beings God created. We get it racism is nothing new, but it appears to be something new to you.

  15. twins2able says:

    @adz09ish Enough already. Why are you wasting your time on negative racial comments. You can not make another person think like you. You cannot change people and their pursuit of happiness. I am speaking for myself. You are wasting your time. All this anger will run your blood pressure up. I am a black women and not a foolish one. I have God in my life and have the spirit of Jesus Christ in my life to show me how to live a happy peaceful life, which you need very badly. You sound like the KKK.

  16. twins2able says:

    @adz09ish Reverse racism. God does not agree with you hateful opinion. Leave the black women alone who chose to be with whom they chose. You do not own anyone maybe your wife (if you are married) Gods people (Christians) need to stick together. I will pray for you and all the haters, black,white,brown etc. The Natural enemy is the devil and he comes in all forms and skin tones. Read/study Gods word. Give your life to Christ, learn to forgive as I am sure you want to be forgiven.

  17. amilkar1964 says:

    @twins2able You must be the type of white men I’m talking about. why don’t you stick with your own white women? Haven’t your race done enough to Black people already? That’s why your women are becoming lesbians more and more, because of your Ganymedean heredity. The truth is out about you white people and your ulterior motives with all of the “races getting along” and other bullshit. Leave Black women the hell alone. We’re sick and tired of your kind mixing with our kind.

  18. FranklyMsShankley says:

    herp derp durr.

  19. adz09ish says:

    watch animals,insects in nature you will see that all of them have one thing in common,that is they all stick together,you don’t see a black bird with a dove or a lion hanging with a hyena,all have the instinct to stick together.So blacks need to stick to their ownkind.Have you notice a kitten,even when it’s just born if a dog comes near instinctively the kitten is on the defense,it’snature the kitten knows it’s natural enemy. Black people need to know that white peope are our natural enimies.

  20. adz09ish says:

    Any black man or women who has a baby with those white sicopaths, if i had the power I would hang those filthy kids from a rope and I realy mean that. All traitors of the black race deserve to be executed.White men don’t care about black women, they just want to fuck you, only 9% of black men date outside their race, so black women need to shut the hell up because most black date black women, you just use that because you want some pity and blame black men for all you problems.

  21. adz09ish says:

    All of these foolish black women need to get an ak 47 bullet through in the head, for dating those cave dwelling beast. Many black women are very foolish, how could you love a white demon, that rape you continuously during slavery, while black men had to watch, the white scum bags killed over a 100 million black Africans during the trans Atlantic slave trade. White people are sick people who deserve to be burnt alive just like they did my ancestors.

  22. twins2able says:

    @Djmulticulturalism Check out the musical and hip hop videos, the media? Evil is found in all mankind.

  23. twins2able says:

    @blackimpressions With hatred? Reverse racism shame on you.

  24. twins2able says:

    @blackimpressions Please tell me where are the BLACKDADS? If you are concerned get an organization going on how black fathers must take on their rolls as fathers/mentors (the way God intended for them) and not leave their children to be raised by single mothers. That is takes 2, male and female to make a baby. And please to not say some bm do not know how. Cause of the white man. I realize there is racism. Stop the victim thing it is old. Many black single mothers had to learn how, all alone.

  25. twins2able says:

    @blackimpressions Why should this be alarming. You act as if you own bw. God owns me as he owns you. Funny how alarming it is since bw are interested in non black men. But yet in the black churches I attend, bm bring their ww to worship. But this is not insulting to the bm nor it should be to me. God does not have a problem with it so why do you have a problem with bw finding love with non black men. Trying to control what God made possible in the beginning of time. Leave the community? Tribe?

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