The Alpha Male and Flirting

The Alpha Male and Flirting

Article by Andrew

The Alpha Male knows that flirting is a key part of his arsenal when it comes to women. Flirting helps you build rapport with a women and makes her feel comfortable talking to you. Flirting also helps you get to know her so you can see if she even is someone you might want to talk to. When you flirt you should be creating an environment so the girl can associate you with being happy and laughing. This will help her feel more comfortable around you and safe as well. You want to use flirting as a way to getting her used to the idea of having you as a boyfriend or being romantic with you and gives her an opportunity as well to gauge her interest in you.

Flirting conversations are best started by either asking a question or making some type of statement or sharing your point of view. She needs to feel like she has connected with you on a variety of topis but also connected in more of a way then just two strangers who have recently met. There are not set topics I would say to talk about but you need to gauge the situation and try to keep the conversation interesting. Don’t be afraid to smile and say hello to a women because most men probably do not even get to that point so h ave already made progress. Just ask simple non intrusive questions at first then try to establish a connection with similar interests.

When flirting you need to remember to throw in some romantic type material here and there. Don’t avoid topics like if she has a boyfriend or not or what type of guys she likes because these are the things that make you move from stranger to potential romantic figure in her mind. If you simply stand there and talk about how much you both love Longhorn Steakhouse for 20 minutes at some point you will just come off as another desperate stranger trying to talk to her. If you can tease her and talk to her like someone shes already comfortable with would do then you have given yourself an opportunity to talk more intimately with her. Flirting via texting can be good but you have to make sure and follow the number one rule and not become that guy who texts but is afraid to call because this is the worst type of guy and texting without talking in real life is the ultimate beta male trait.

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