Famous Alpha Males

compilation of famous celebrity and movie character alpha males, brought to you by www.idatemodels.com www.idatemodels.com — it is our mission to help you create an amazing lifestyle and have the dating lives you thought you could only dream of. Bruce Willis, Colin Farrel, Robbie Williams, George Clooney, Brad Pitt (Fight Club), James Dean, Russel Crowe, Harrison Ford (Han Solo, Indiana Jones), Steve MacQueen, Richard Branson (Virgin), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roger Daltry), Mark Wahlberg (AKA Marky Mark), Will Smith, Hugh Jackman,and of course Style (Neil Strauss), the worlds most famous pickup artist


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  1. Thewiseguitar says:

    @Gamelvl84 It’s the roles that they usually play that makes them alpha. Their character

  2. SeductionMyth says:

    @fanniechiasson depends what U mean by “alpha males”. If someone recalls to science, then… well, all those seduction theories have nothin to do with the stuff scientists discovered. If U meant by alpha male simply confident manly guys, ok. I just dont like the expression “alpha male” cause all that theories are lies never actually proven in any fair experiment and I explain it on my website

  3. evilish7 says:

    Vin Diesel

  4. fanniechiasson says:

    Well alpha males are better than douchbags

  5. crazybones2009 says:

    @Gamelvl84…Well you cant deny the fact that all of those actors got swagger like hell, if you got swagger and the attitude they got even if you are a regular guy you will get the ladies. But for them its all to easy they got the fame and the bad boy attitude so they dont even try

  6. yeaninja says:

    james dean is the only one that can actually count, live fast die young.

  7. rubixstetris says:

    good video here wow cool

  8. mjm2005 says:

    i like the list…id probably add denzel and dicaprio…

  9. berserkpsychopa says:

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  10. King00000000000000 says:

    @19stealth84 I agree, Denzel Washington Vin Diesel, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

  11. King00000000000000 says:

    U forgot about, Denzel Washington, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel,

  12. GarconCoffee says:

    @Gamelvl84 Well, somehow they got to this position. I think that has very little to do with luck, and very much to work and a strong personality, or alpha male is that’s what u wanna call it- nothing wrong with this listing

  13. MrVeesworld says:

    Here is why these guys are alpha. They all take up physical space. Notice James Dean, Steve Mcqueen, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Strauss at the end. They have an open appearance and own the area/space that they are standing in.

    I did a video on body language and love to size people up by their body movements.

  14. WAKEUPshift111 says:

    are these alpha males… or ppl that get typecasted as alpha males?


  15. Combat242 says:

    A Alpha Male is someone with pure self-control and discipline. To be a promiscuous beta male who constantly needs and orgasm with young girls is more a subhuman average person. A alpha male is athletic, stoic and can control his needs. I rather stay true to one women than be in need of constantly changing sleeping partners. That’s just lost modern man, a bad version of a male sex and the city character.

  16. WhyOweYou2b says:

    i like this song. where i find it?

  17. ioanonissimo says:

    james bond, john gotti, tony soprano,
    jozef stalin & muhammad ali how about those for alpha male?!

  18. 19stealth84 says:

    If you need to post a black alpha male to make it fair, why didnt you put in Denzel Washington. Will smith is too goofy

  19. mpd19666 says:

    You the man Neil!

  20. mpd19666 says:

    Of course, theres gotta be the token black guy!

  21. RubasJLeone says:

    @Gamelvl84 keep your head up! =)

  22. Train1900 says:

    Interesting. Only ONE black male qualifies. White supremacy is alive and well.
    There always has to be the ONE black guy. I’ll be glad when the Maker puts an end to this madness.

  23. SubzeroedMind says:

    Armed forces, armed forces… The fuck with the AF.
    There are some “cool” dudes in the list, although I think it could’ve been done better.
    It would be cool if you had given us YOUR definition of “Alpha” (we know Male), so we’d know what we’re looking at.

  24. MrCANDYCORN says:

    Hey look it’s style

  25. samhainaz says:

    I dont find Pierce Brosnan to be even a beta male lol.

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