Extremely Attractive ? What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive

Extremely Attractive ? What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive

There are millions of people out there who have experienced bad stuff seeming to happen all around them all the time in attraction valley. When we have a negative mind set and attitude, we must lack sexual attraction; we see a situation and expect the worst. Wee see a beautiful task in front of us, and we naturally presume ultimate failure upon it.


For being extremely attractive, you have to know the views of women that what they love about men.


“Females personally love a man who is interested in his surroundings, present and tuned in. Women find it highly attractive and drawn to person who is plugged in”.


You must be thinking, why women desire/wish a man who is present, tuned in or plugged in?


A person that is present knows he is in the moment. This thing shows he is in authority and control over his surroundings, life and outcomes. This type of person is extremely attractive to women.  People who have no rules, no code by which they live their lives, no standards by which they hold themselves up to, are not sexually attractive. Having rules and standards makes you an extremely attractive person, because it develops confidence and attraction, two traits women always find attractive in men.


Have you ever noticed how many males hold their selves in an unattractive way? They look at the floor, they shiver, they tense their shoulders, they avoid eye contact, they mumble and they just plain creep you out. It is because unfortunately with a new generation growing up with whinny alternative music, several males think this how they supposed to carry themselves, then get frustrated when women avoid them.


Typically, females want a dominant man, a man who takes control of the relationship and a source of strength for the girl he is with. If you figure out what is missing in your game with women, it is YOU, not your looks and clothes or any external stuff. Women want a man who makes them feel safe and eliminates uncertainty from their lives. For creating sexual attraction, it is not only about women; it is more about making yourself happy, having respect for yourself and what you want out of your life.


You have to dominate romantic authority with your attractive traits because if you lack romantic authority or in other words, if you cant give her intense orgasm then your over all sexual attraction can run into trouble.


So ultimately, If you reach with a positive manly outlook and wonderful love making skills, you can make women chase you entire life.


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